Please note that the varroa infestation has made live bee orders more complicated this season. Our supply of package bees is subject to DPI approval, which is expected in the first or second week of October. We are currently taking orders for packages. 

Italian Bees. The package contains 4lbs of bees and a mated queen. Each pound of bees is likely to contain an average of 3500-4000 bees; a 4lb package should be equivalent to 12000-14000 bees, depending upon the nectar flow.

Packages of bees can be pre-ordered, and will be available at the start of the season, toward the end of October/early November. Please note that live bee packages cannot be sent by mail or by courier--understandably! We will notify you a day or two before the packages are ready to be collected. Please choose whether you wish to collect from the Hornsby or Mt Druitt branch. Waiting time for our packages depends on breeding conditions, but should be around 15-20 days. 

Please note that the shelf life of a package of bees is no more than three days. If you cannot pick your bees up when we get them in, you can wait for the next delivery. 

Tips for installing package bees:

Do not install packages in an existing yard of bees--they will drift into an established hive. It's far better to install on or after dark to stop drifting. If you try to install in a daylight on a warm day, major drifting will occur and you may even end up with huge swarms hanging in a tree. You should feed the new colony strong white sugar solution for at least a week to helps bees draw comb on the frames. HBS strongly recommend that you use brand new gear for your package of bees. Dead out hive gear could potentially have bacterial spores. 

We supply package bees from western NSW.


Bee package

By: on 26 February 2022
Bees are doing great. I’ve just added a super

Package bees

By: on 15 February 2022
The girls are thriving a few weeks on... from the amount of pollen going in to the hive, the queen is laying well.

Package Bees

By: on 6 February 2022
My second package of bees from Hornsby Beeks - the colony is absolutely thriving in their new Warre hive. There seemed to be even more bees in this package than the last. They were busily bringing in pollen 48hours after installation. I fed for 2 weeks with a top feeder also purchased from Hornsby - they work very well in a Warre quilt box. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


By: on 6 February 2022
First time I have brought bees this way and it works well.

Very good

By: on 6 February 2022
Very happy with package

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