As of 23/5/24 we will no longer be supplying queens this season. Queen orders will be placed on backorder until spring. 


A Regal Lady

We sell new season queen bees, grafted and mated. Our queens are bred by industry leading queen breeders with over 50 years experience breeding and selling queen bees. Whether you're splitting a hive or requeening, you can be sure that this lovely lady will be productive and strong.


Italian queen bees

Our queen bees are Italians, Apis mellifera ligustica. This race of bee was introduced to Australia from the warm Mediterranean climate of Sicily. Italians are admired in Australia for their brood production and foraging ability. An Italian queen bee is perfectly suited to any Australian apiary.

Feral swarms and the like in Australia often contain a mix of Italians, Apis mellifera mellifera, and others. Many beekeepers requeen regularly so that they can re-introduce the characteristics of these Italian bees to their apiary, such as their docility and productivity.


How will I get my queen?

Queen bees are available at Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies during the season, from mid-late October through late summer. We get queens in every week or so during the season; queens are always marked in stock to allow for backorders. If you have chosen to pick up your queen at either our Hornsby or Mount Druitt stores, we will let you know when she is ready for pickup. Please note that bees are a natural product and as such our supply of queens depends on many factors, including weather. 

We send out mail order queens by Express Post. Queens are shipped in a wooden cage with workers as attendants, to make sure that she gets to you in good condition. If possible, you should be available to recieve the delivery at home so you can put your queen in the hive as soon as possible. 

We will need to know your DPI registration number when you purchase your queen. 

As of 28/4/23 we can only send queens within NSW. This is due to the ongoing varroa mite infestation.


Productive, Strong, Brood Explosion

By: on 10 May 2023
Had a pesticide poisoning event and lost my queen along with a couple of thousand bees. The old queen had a spotty brood pattern in any event. 2 weeks after installing a Hornsby queen, there was a brood explosion followed by a tonne of bees. And this was mid-autumn! The new queen saved the hive and it will be ready to explode come spring.

Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies Response
Sorry to hear about your poisoning event, Joel. We're glad your queen is doing well!

Great experience

By: on 19 December 2022
New beekeeper here. Had a failed queen and end up buying from HBS. Genetics are docile and easy to work with - ability to bring honey in is quiet impressive. Yellow & roundish in appearance. Images would be good to description. Ensure hive is queenless for a day. I would reserve a bee prior to picking up or getting it sent. Should have suggestion/guide for replacing queens by breeder even though info is readily available online. Best practice. Would certainly by again.


By: on 12 April 2022
Queen bees were immediately available at Hornsby store unlike previous orders when they never arrived and no contact or update was received.

Queen bee

By: on 8 March 2022
Excellent queens. Quiet, non aggressive progeny & good layers.

Queen Bee

By: on 7 March 2022
Received queen by post. Put in hive 12 days ago. Unable to check due to torrential rain for 2 weeks

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