Beehive Box Sizes Dimensions Options | Which Box?

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In Australia, there are a number of traditional box and frame sizes.


The names used for these can be a little confusing.


Here at HBS, we sell boxes, frames, and foundation in three sizes:


Full Depth: This size is the most common, especially on the mainland. Most of the time when you see a hive, the large box on the bottom is a full depth box. A full depth box is 242mm deep.


WSP: This is also known as a 3/4 box. It is 192mm deep.


Ideal: This is also known as a 'half box'. It is 147mm deep.


Full depth, WSP, and Ideal frames and foundation are sized to fit in their respective boxes. For instance, you cannot put an ideal frame in a full depth box.


Many beekeepers use a full-depth brood box but put shallower boxes (such as ideals) on as supers. This is because these boxes are easier to lift when they are full of honey. 

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