Why use a top feeder?

You may need to feed your bees during winter, or when nectar stores are unavailable. The advantage of a top feeder is that you can feed your bees a lot of sugar syrup at once. This plastic bee feeder holds up to 8.5L of syrup (7.5L for the 8-frame version). So if you won't be able to check your hives for a week or two, you can be sure that they won't run out of syrup. 

A Favourite at HBS

These robust feeders are very popular here. Our customers appreciate the durable tray and thoughtful design. Our wax-dipped and painted feeder surround looks great on the hive. Ceracell improved on the design a few years ago, adding access at the corners so that the bees can access all of the syrup. 

You will receive the tray, along with the corner caps and chimney cap. This complete top feeder kit also comes with a custom surround, so all you need to do is make up the syrup and chuck it on the hive!

How do I place this feeder on the hive?

You place the feeder on the hive with the tray facing upward, then fill it. The bees can access their feed from below, through the chimney cap in the centre and the corners. Once the feeder is on the hive, refilling it is as simple as sliding the lid to one side and pouring the syrup in. 

  • 8-frame version is 7.5L
  • 10-frame version is 8.5L
  • Tray is 90mm deep
  • Ribs at the bottom give the tray strength and rigidity
  • Can be used to feed dry sugar as well as syrup
  • Improved feeder surround has been wax-dipped and painted
  • Made from virgin food-grade plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed in New Zealand by the good folks at Ceracell.

Commercial quantities available. Please contact us for the price. 

Top feeder 8.5 lt complete kit

By: on 27 March 2021
Good product easy to use

Ceracell TopFeeder.

By: on 9 February 2021
Wish I knew the dimensions before purchasing as it does not fit a Flow Hive. It is too big and the Flow Hive roof does not fit on.

8.5l Top Feeder

By: on 21 March 2019
Ceracell quality manufacturing and will last for years.

8 Frame top feeder

By: on 17 September 2018
I've been waiting for these to come out in 8 frame for ages. Was very surprised by the sturdiness of the plastic. Think I'll get a lot of years out of them.

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