Custom Bee Feed is an excellent alternative to our eco pollen in times of pollen dearth. It also works well as a general supplement to strengthen your hives. It can be fed to your bees in powder form, or made into a firm paste with sugar syrup or plain water. 500g should be enough if you only have a couple of hives. We also package this product in bulk, right up to 20kg bags. 

500g of this product fits conveniently into an 800mL pail.

Custom Bee Feed: Balanced Bee Nutrition

Custom Bee Feed is made in Australia by Australian beekeepers for an Australian climate. We have tailored Custom Bee Feed to ensure the bees are getting the best possible nutrition. Our product consists of a unique balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are designed to promote a healthy hive that will thrive even in the harshest of conditions.

Originally developed as a full pollen replacement, we have however discovered that it works exceptionally well as a supplement to natural pollen. This is because nearly all of Australia’s pollen producing flora are deficient in some form of nutrition and don’t meet a bees basic nutritional requirements. Supplementary feeding allows bees to make the most of natural pollen when it is available, and maintain strong brood nests when there is no natural pollen available. Our product’s balance of crude protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids have delivered us far superior results to feeding straight pollen…

Please Visit the Custom Bee Feed website for more information.

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