These are a niche product, but those who buy these excluders stick by them. Metal mesh with a raw timber surround so the beetles have nowhere to hide. The timber offers better insulation and sits flush between the boxes.


Excellent idea and great product

By: on 12 November 2020
These timber framed excluders will avoid transmitting heat in summer and cold in winter. Well made item.

Excluder timber surround 8 frame

By: on 12 November 2020
2nd one I bought, great quality and fit. Nice rounded bars easy on the bees. Strong construction.

Framed queen excluders

By: on 30 September 2020
The only time I get stung is when I am trying to slide (the bulldozer technique) a heavy laden super onto an excluder after an inspection. Never goes smoothly and a hive that has been calm to that point is suddenly angry. With the framed excluders the slight height gain gives you time to just lift and place the super down in one go before the bees spillover onto the sides of the excluder. I have progressively switched all my excluders over.

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