Why use a frame feeder?

Frame feeders are great for feeding bees in early and mid winter--they perform better in lower temperatures as they are located inside the hive. They are an excellent feeding solution for smaller colonies as they reduce the amount of empty space inside the hive--you can remove an un-drawn or empty frame to place the feeder. They also work very well in nucs. A frame feeder also reduces the chance of robbing, since the syrup is located inside the hive (we still recommend that you reduce the entrance when you feed to make it easier for your bees to defend against robbing).

Feed your bees with ease

This frame feeder holds more syrup than our entrance feeders and round top feeders. The sturdy, clever design makes it easy to clean, and the reinforced lugs make it very durable. Plastic ladders stop the bees from drowning the syrup, and a wooden cap prevents bees from forming burr comb inside. You can easily refill this frame feeder by pushing the lid to one side and pouring the syrup straight in.

A staff favourite at HBS, this well-made product should see you through a few seasons.  

  • Made in America by Mann-Lake
  • 1 gallon capacity (approximately 3 litres)
  • Ideal boxes? No worries, this frame feeder will fit inside two ideal boxes stacked on top of each other
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Textured walls so the feeder can be used without ladders if you wish
  • Spares available at HBS--please contact us

A handy tip from HBS staff: feed sugar syrup to your hives all at the same time, and late in the day. This will minimise the chance of robbing.


By: on 7 October 2021
very good feeder, safe for bees as well

Good quality, good fit

16 May 2018
As other frame feeders I have seen tend to be a bit larger than a frame (making for awkward fit), this is a good size and is good build quality (so I do not expect it to bulge or crack anytime soon).Note that this is the yellow feeder, not the black one (for some reason) also pictured (with the wood top and caps) - which is a bit confusing. The textured interior and included floats do effectively prevent drowning, and the capacity is a good compromise between time before needing to refill and old syrup fermenting. So overall, not perfect but recommended for an easy and versatile frame-swap-out supplemental feeder (that also fits in a Nuc).

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