Design intention : Dispensing Honey, Warming Candied Honey, warming honey 20℃ to 75

Watch our videos in the video tab, the video’s explain the double boiler method in detail, why it’s so important and is still the fastest and safest way to make quality products.

AU Wax Melters Electric Double Boilers are the single best investment a hobby, cottage or small business can make, there is no better Digitally controlled Electric Double Boilers currently available in Australia, our electric double boilers are easy to maintain and use, allow the user to do in a few hours what previously may have taken a day/days using other methods with confidence, temperature control, time Saving, improved product quality, they’re Australian Made and we are here to help and support you should you have any questions or need advice.

Double boilers are limited to the boiling temperature of water (100℃) and are subject to some heat loss that occurs in the transfer of heat from the water through the metal chamber wall to the product, ambient (room) temperature does play a part also, to reduce these effects units are fitted with thermal body insulator wraps offering greater temperature stability, significantly reducing power consumption, ensuring optimum performance and making them safe to touch.

If you would like more information or have any questions feel free to email or call Rob directly on Tel:0409 165 003 (Telephone during business hours please)

The double boiler is capable of reaching higher temperatures however the Honey Gate supplied can get hot and above 50-60℃, a dry cloth may be needed to insulate the handle while in use so it is not too hot to the touch, below this is generally not a concern, also when heating to higher temperatures the honey viscosity will reduce and become more fluent, if loss of control over the honey gate occurs the honey can gush from the opening, care should always be taken as with all tools getting the correct tool, using it within the design intention and learning how to use it is the key.

Note: honey heated above 40c is not considered to be raw.


  • 45kg internal product chamber
  • 40mm Food Grade Honey gate, the handle can be set for left or right handed operation.
  • Product chamber stainless Steel bridging pipes pass through the water jacket and sits approximately 1 cm from the chamber base on the inside of the product chamber.
  • The fastest heat up times per volume available on the market.
  • Digital Thermostat Controller provides excellent temperature control.
  • Silver Thermal body insulator wrap – The insulator wrap significantly improves heat retention, significantly reduces power consumption and is safe to touch.
  • Production time savings.
  • Improved product quality & consistency.
  • Detailed user instructions.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • For use on a domestic 10 amp power point with safety switch.
  • Serviceable.


  • 22 litre water jacket.
  • Overall dimensions: H56cm x W44cm.
  • Internal product chamber dimensions: H35cm x W37cm
  • Product Chamber tap heights 20cm & 25cm.
  • Water jacket thermostat temperature range – 20-100℃.
  • Unit Power 240v/2300w – AS/NZS31122011 240V 10amp complies with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.
  • Water jacket drain tap to empty water jacket if required – (position is the lowest tap on the right looking from the front of the unit )
  • Units will have some unavoidable marks from the manufacturing processes.

The Basics

  1. First fill the water jacket with demineralised water – demineralised water is a low cost product that can be purchased at supermarkets and hardware stores for around $4 for 5 litres, once filled the demineralised water is left in the unit for it’s entire life just topped up as required, demineralised water protects internal components extending unit life and improving serviceability for many years.
  2. Plug into power.
  3. Heat unit to desired temperature.
  4. Add product and heat product to required temperature.
  5. Allow the product to stabilised at the required temperature.
  6. Dispense.

De Candy/Warming Honey

Heat up to the required temperature and place honey/candied honey in the chamber.

Product is stirred periodically to stabilise temperature before pouring.

Product temperature is maintained by the water jacket thermostat allowing the user to spend time preparing for dispensing.

The Honey gate is a durable item however it has consumable gaskets, the gaskets are a maintenance item as they relate to usage, replacement gaskets are available.

An electric double boiler means the unit has a water jacket around the outside of the product chamber providing a much larger heating surface, the water jacket protects the product from high heat that is produced by the electric element when it’s heating, the water jacket thermostat controls the heating process, once heated up product is placed into the product chamber and the heated water in the jacket melts/heats/emulsifies/separates depending on the product being used from the base and the sides to the desired temperature

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