This is the hardest-working hive tool in our range. It has all the regular functions of a hive tool. You can also use this tool to clean out the top bar of your frames, scrape propolis and wax off a queen excluder, pull nails out of frames and boxes, and whack them back in again with the removable hammer-head. 

Once you start using this hive tool you'll wonder how you ever went without it. It's also a perfect gift for the beekeeper who thinks they have everything. 

  • Heavy-duty wooden handle with an ergonomic grip
  • Wide American-style hook
  • Long textured j-hook
  • Removable hammer/nail-whacker
  • Beveled edge at one end for scraping off propolis and killing beetles
  • Basically this tool does everything but open your hives up for you.


The Ultimate Hivetool!

By: on 22 March 2021
I am almost expecting this hive tool to be a transformationer and transform into a giant robotic bee. Brilliant design! Loving it

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