Crafted from premium 304 grade stainless steel, our queen isolation cage sets the new standard for durability and corrosion resistance in beekeeping equipment. 

Fits three full depth frames with either 33mm or 35mm end bars.


  1. Queen Breeding: Perfect for queen breeders to ensure optimal larvae age for grafting, facilitating superior queen production.
  2. Varroa Control in Warmer Climates: Ideal for limiting brood production during winter months, effectively reducing varroa mite reproduction.
  3. Increased Honey Production and Queen Management: The three-frame cage revolutionizes honey production. See the procedure below.

Benefits of using the 3-frame cage during the Honey Flow:

A. Eliminates the need for a queen excluder, resulting in increased honey yield.
B. Optimizes hive resources with less brood and more nurse bees available for honey gathering or ripening.
C. Significantly reduces mite reproduction with the decreased brood area.
D. Three good brood frames are enough to sustain the hive during a honey flow period of 8 to 10 weeks.
E. At the end of the honey flow, the 3 brood frames can be removed to make a nucleus colony with the old queen.
F. A queen cell or mated queen can be introduced to the production hive for requeening purposes.
G. The production hive can be vaporized with Oxalic Acid to kill virtually every varroa mite in the hive while there is no capped brood. Super cheap & efficient with InstantVap.
H. Start the Autumn (Fall) with zero varroa mites!
I. Alternatively, the 3 brood frames can be frozen to kill the varroa mites inside the cells then added to strong healthy colonies to clean up and re-use.


  • 109mm inside width, 121mm outside width.
  • 459mm long x 242mm high.
  • The top cap is 484mm long.
  • The air gap in the mesh is 4.3mm. Bees can take pollen through successfully.
  • Has a clip-on cap which is held firmly down when the next box or hive mat is added above it.

Internal hive dimensions must be the Langstroth standard to ensure the cage fits properly and there are no gaps for the queen to escape.

Many beekeepers ensure their queens are marked so they are easy to find for caging when required. 

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