Apiguard is a holistic organic treatment that not only combat varroa, due to its miticidal properties, but offers antimicrobial and virucidal properties too! This means your hive is well protected against other ailments keeping it healthier heading into winter. This is one of the only products on the market that defends against varroa while also providing numerous other hive health benefits.

This is ideal to be used in rotation with Apistan in your management program against varroa mites. These two treatment types are very effective in combating Varroa. 

This is a box of 10 x 50g trays of Apiguard Varroa Treatment, which will treat 5 hives. Due to the long shelf life and the ability to only open those trays you need immediately, this is ideal for those beekeepers with only a few hives and want their treatment to last over a few seasons. Manufaturers have guaranteed these will keep for a further 2 years after the EXP date, in unopened condition. This means they last twice as long as any other treatment on the market. 

You will need two trays for one treatment but only one tray is applied for the first two weeks and then the second tray applied for the remaining 6 weeks of treatment. (Total of 2 x 50g Apiguard gel trays per colony). Apiguard is also a certified organic treatment using thymol as its active ingredient. 

These two will cover one full drone brood cycle and kill up to 97% of the varroa.  To cover two full worker-bee brood cycles, a third 50g tray after another fourteen days is needed. 

It is also important to know that the bees need to be able to get at the thymol gel.  It is the bees in the process of removing the gel from the hive that spreads the thymol vapours throughout the hive.  So once you put the opened tray on top of the main brood area, put a feeder rim, or an empty ¾ box or full depth box on next.  This will give the bees lots of room to work the gel and spread into the hive.  And also, don’t get the gel in your eyes—it is like concentrated onion juice and very painful.Product needs to be used above 15 degrees and below 30 degrees to be most effective. 

For more information on Apiguard visit https://www.vita-europe.com/beehealth/products/apiguard/

Video for better Understanding.

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