Varroa and Small Hive Beetle | Pest and Disease treatment for beehives

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Pest and Disease

Dealing with pests like small hive beetle and varroa is just part and parcel of beekeeping. We stock a wide range of test kits and beetle traps. 

For detecting varroa, we have sugar shake kits and alcohol washes. We also recommend that you use a mesh bottom base for varroa surveillance. We also now stock a wide range of varroa treatment strips, including Bayvarol, Formic Pro, and Apivar.

For managing small hive beetle, we have beetle traps you can fill with oil or diatomaceous earth. We also stock Topbait, a gel containing the insecticide fipronil. Apithor small hive beetle traps also contain fipronil.

Getting slimed out for the first time, or discovering wax moth in a weak hive, can be daunting for any hobbyist beekeeper. Please ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you are concerned about the health of your beehive. 

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