By customer request...

Small quantities of 100% Australian beeswax, filtered, printed and cut in our wax plant in Western Sydney. 

We found that we had customers purchasing our wax foundation sheets in small amounts in order to cut them up and use the wax in body butter, wax wraps, and similar craft products that require small amounts of wax. These 'scraps' are the strips cut off the edge of the wax sheets as they go through our wax machine. We usually melt down these strips and use them again, but after talking to our more 'crafty' customers we realised that these pre-cut wax pieces provide small amounts of pure beeswax that are easy to handle. 

  • 100% Australian beeswax
  • Filtered and milled in our wax plant
  • We may also include small scraps of wax foundation from when we 'mess up' waxing frames
  • You will recieve 100g of wax 
Please note: These strips are not suitable for use as starter strips. They are not deep enough. We suggest that beekeepers seeking starter strips buy full depth sheets and cut them down. 

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