The spur wheel embedder is a cheap and simple way to wax your own frames. The wheel has an indentation which gently moulds the wax around the wire. This tool works especially well if you dip it in hot water before you use it. 

  • Premium quality product
  • Head with spur wheel screws securely onto the shaft
  • Spur wheel is made from durable brass
  • An elegant and well-made product which will last for years.


2 September 2018
This is a great wheel. I bought 3 different ones from different places to try, and this one was easily the winner. It is well made, has a large heavy head that retained the heat for a whole frame (i placed the business end in a cup of boiling water between frames), and the size of the teeth, spacing and central channel are just right to neatly and securely embed the wire in the foundation. This wheel really works, and works really well.

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