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This extractor is manufactured by Quarti Beekeeping in Bergamo. We are proud to be the exclusive Australian importer of Quarti products. It's our belief that these extractors are the best in Australia when it comes to value and quality. Several of our staff members run Quarti extractors themselves.

Simple design for Serious Beekeepers
Uncluttered, elegant design makes for easy operation and cleaning. All standard Australian frames can be extracted: full depth, WSP, or ideal. Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies has been selling this extractor for decades and we absolutely stand by its reliability and longevity.

If you run 10 to 20+ hives, then this extractor will help to streamline your honey extraction process. We have sold this extractor to serious hobbyists, sideliner beekeepers, and commercial beekeepers.

What is the benefit of a radial honey extractor?

The frames do not have to be taken out and reversed. This means that your honey can be extracted in half the time.

What is the benefit of the 15-frame extractor over the 12-frame Quarti radial?

For an extra cost that is quite reasonable, this extractor has some advantages over the 12 frame Quarti extractor that might be of interest to serious sideliners and those who are interested in ramping up their honey production. Compared with that extractor, this one has more sturdy legs and more space below the basket. This provides better stability and lets you extract more frames in between draining it. 

  • Extractor drum is manufactured from food grade stainless steel
  • Capacity: 15 full depth or 27 ideal or WSP frames
  • Diameter: 700mm
  • Italian-made 150 watt motor, for reliability and a long life, with start/stop button 
  • The motor allows you to adjust both rotation direction and speed
  • Electronic programming with membrane control panel allows you to set two different programs
  • 40mm plastic Quarti gate will give years of leak-free use
  • Lid incorporates a delay switch, so the machine will not operate without the lid fully closed.

This product must be shipped on a pallet. Please contact us if you would like help arranging freight.

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