What is a honey press?

A honey press or comb crusher allows you to easily compress raw comb and extract honey from it. This is a heavy-duty honey press made by Quarti in Italy.

Why crush out your honeycomb?

Crushing honey is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. It's a simple, economical process that produces raw honey with a unique taste that's very well-suited to making mead (or simply bottling, of course!)

Comb crushers are useful for

  • Extracting honey from warre hives (and other hives that don't use wire in the frames)
  • Extracting honey from uncappings and burr comb
  • Extracting honey when you only have a few frames to do

This quality comb crusher is made in Italy by Quarti. It is a solid, high-quality product with a great design that makes it very easy to use. It will deliver several years of reliable service.

For small scale sideliner beekeepers, this press will quickly pay its cost in recovered honey and wax; one of our staff members, a serious sideliner, found that this product paid for itself in a season. Warre beekeepers love this product for the taste of the honey.

Please contact us if you have any questions about shipping this item. We may be able to bring costs down by arranging shipping to a freight depot or post office. 

  • Can be used as a press for warre frames
  • Also works as a press for cappings and broken comb
  • 25cm diameter
  • Works as a fruit press for hobby cider makers
  • Manufactured by Quarti Beekeeping in Bergamo, Italy. HBS is privileged to be the exclusive Australian importer of Quarti products


Here's how you clean this press after recovering honey from your wax:

  • Unwind press and release the steel cage
  • Place cage and wax in a suitable bucket
  • Pour boiling water over the cage to soften the waxI
  • t should now be easy to scrape the soft wax off the cage
  • Add cold water to remaining wax. Rinse and drain for later melting.
  • Dry and reassemble the press for next use.



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