Cheap and convenient. We often recommend this feeder to beginner beekeepers because it is an easy way of feeding a newly established hive. It holds 1.1 litres of sugar syrup. You can also fill it with water to give thirsty bees an easily accessible source of water during the warmer months.

  • Slides easily into the entrance, angled slightly backward so the liquid doesn't run out
  • Can be removed without opening the hive
  • Easy to see how much syrup is remaining
  • Also reduces the entrance 
  • This feeder will also fit on nucs, provided they have a landing lip that is wide enough.


By: on 6 November 2021
Best Feeder I have ever gotten. So easy to use and fill up. Never disturbing the hive

Great Feeder

By: on 9 April 2021
Holds at least 1.2 litre of sugar water, A good seal between the joining plastics so it doesn't leak and water poor out between the join or feeder leg. Slow release of sugar syrup on the single leg.I've extended the bee hive landing board for it to sit on when the feeder leg sits inside the hive.


By: on 28 December 2020
the bees absolutely love it, i wold have preferred 2 legs even 3 to make it perfect

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