Sideliners and beekeepers with a lot of hives appreciate these frames for their durability combined with protection against small hive beetle. 

The beetle resistant frame is a plastic frame with bee cells built into the top, side and bottom bars. These cells are filled with bee stores and therefore can't harbour small hive beetle.

  • Strengthened frame and lugs
  • Rigidity compares with wooden frames
  • A plastic beetle resistant frame should put in 5 to 10 years of solid performance at a lower cost, when compared to wooden frames.

These frames must be waxed prior to going in the hive. Some beekeepers rub the wax on and others melt it and paint it on with a paintbrush, silicone pastry brush or similar. 

Great quality

By: on 19 December 2022
I think they're made in the USA. Need to add wax or should have provided as an extra option.

Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies Response
Hi Duc, Our beetle resistant frames are made in New Zealand, which is why we do not supply them waxed. On your advice we have decided to add wax as an optional add-on when purchasing these frames.

Plastic frames are great

By: on 11 January 2019
I purchased 240 about 5 months ago and after putting a layer of wax on the bees loved them, so I've just bought another 200.

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