A useful and convenient product that makes it easy to produce quality cut comb. One could even say these frames are ideal for that purpose. You can produce a neat honeycomb product without worrying about cutting around wires.

Slotted ideals are assembled ideal frames without wires, with a slot cut through the top bar. You simply need to drop a sheet of foundation through the top bar. Fold the foundation over at the top and leave the bees to deal with the rest!

We recommend that you use a sheet of WSP wax with these frames so there is a small amount of excess to hold the wax in place at the top. However, it's also possible to use a full-depth sheet of wax, cut off the excess, and use it as a starter strip on a wired ideal or full-depth frame. Please see the pictures to see an example of a waxed slotted frame. 


We are selling just a frame and wax foundation is not included.

So easy to prepare, well made and arrived so quick

By: on 19 December 2020
Thank you Hornsby-Beekeeping

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