Designed for Australian beekeepers, by Australian beekeepers. 

This ventilated jacket is exclusive to Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies. We consider it to be the best on the Australian market for quality and value. It offers unparalleled comfort and an extended range of sizes, so we're confident that we've come up with a protective jacket that will suit every Australian beekeeper. 


Beekeeping gear with the extra features that matter

We had our 3-layer mesh products tested by both professionals and hobbyists, and on their recommendation we included the little things that beekeepers appreciate:

  • Velcro tabs at the cuffs.

  • Elastic waist.

  • Metal zips for durability.

  • Veil stiffener to keep the mesh away from your face.

  • Plenty of pockets for your tools: a pen pocket on one arm, a special pocket for your hive tool, and four front pockets.

  • Our jackets and overalls are machine-washable if you remove the veil. 


What's so special about the three-layer mesh?

3-layer open weave mesh provides excellent ventilation. You will feel much cooler when you work your bees on hot days. Additionally, the depth of the 3 layers puts space between you and the bees. Many of our customers find that they can comfortably wear a t-shirt under their 3-layer mesh jacket. Most of our staff wear our 3-layer mesh protective wear, so we're confident in saying that if you want the best protective gear made for Australian conditions, then you can't go much further than this. 


Should I get a jacket or an overall?

We recommend a full overall for beginners. That being said, many beekeepers appreciate the convenience that a jacket offers. A jacket is quicker and easier to get on and off. 


What size jacket should I get?

Beekeeping garments are designed to be baggy. The sizing may seem 'off' if you are trying to select an overall based on your chest measurements. For instance, the chest measurement of a large 3-layer mesh overall is more like A 2XL t-shirt in regular sizing. The measurements on the size chart reflect the jacket, not your own measurements, so it is best to go by the height as a guide. If you are not sure what size to get, please contact our friendly staff.  If your jacket does not fit, we will exchange it as long as you have not worn it to work your bees. 

Our charming model Mike is 177cm tall and is wearing a size medium. 

The overall has a throwover 'Sherriff-style' hood, although you can choose to replace the hood with a zip-on traditional-style hat veil, if you wish.

Please note that no bee suit protects against 100% of stings. You may even get stung taking it off. Stay safe out there. 

Quality jacket

By: on 17 February 2023
I ordered an XXS jacket and found it appropriate for my 150cm regular sized body. The fastenings were of good quality. I have used the jacket once and felt comfortable, cool and protected. No bees penetrated the jacket during my inspection and I was not using smoke, just a spray bottle of water. I also received a bonus tshirt with my order which was an unexpected surprise. Thanks

Got stung by the postage

By: on 17 January 2023
Great jacket,and quick delivery,postage was about double the cost it should have been

Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies Response
Hi Craig, Freight costs are going up all the time owing to COVID and fuel costs. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. If in the future you feel that the freight costs you are quoted are too high, please contact us and we will see if we can get a lower estimate using a prepaid satchel. Enjoy your overall!

Ventilated jacket with Hood

By: on 9 October 2021
Good price and service. The jacket arrived one size larger than ordered but it still seems very good in quality and fit for purpose. I'd shop here again

Bee jacket

By: on 5 October 2021
Light cool great jacket

Ventilated Jacket

By: on 25 December 2020
Highly recommend Hornsby beekeeping

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