Not all hive tools are created equal...

The Aussie beekeeper's best mate: The J Hook Australian beekeeping tool.

A thick hive tool with sharp corners that will help you deal with wax and propolis inside the hive. Hook on one end to grip the ends of the frames. Grab two so you'll never be without a tool--you don't be disappointed. 


This high-quality hive tool is a product of our dedication to producing the best quality tools at the best price. As opposed to cheaper hive tools, which are often chrome-plated, this hive tool is made using a quenching process, from high carbon stainless steel.


We guarantee that this tool can lift a full 10-frame box of honey--even a pallet of honey--without bending. We can make that promise because we have refined the manufacturing process of these tools over the years, and everybody who works at HBS has a few of these hive tools sitting around their apiary to prove it. 


You won't be disappointed.



Good strong construction.

By: on 29 October 2021
Great value . We are extremely pleased with this purchase.

Tool Hive J Hook ECO

By: on 11 September 2021
Not what I had hoped. Too heavy and not easy for me to use and metal is thicker than what I already have.

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