Custom Bee Feed

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Custom Bee Feed

Custom Bee Feed is the result of a joint effort between 2 local Queensland Beekeepers. Together they have over 2 decades experience in the industry which led us to creating this product.

As beekeepers, we were constantly searching for a high quality supplementary feed that could be customised based on what our bees needed. It took many years of trying various products before we realised that there really isn’t anything in the market that was suitable for our bees. And so began the journey of developing and perfecting Custom Bee Feed. 

We spent the next 4 years developing our special blend of bee feed and have finally found the perfect blend that delivered us superior results to any other product on the market.

Our product is specifically developed to suit the (often harsh) Australian climate to give bees a balanced nutritional diet to thrive. It is essential for bees in the channel country where pollen sources are often limited. Our hives have just gone from strength to strength on this bee feed and to date we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from other beekeepers that have tried the product too.  That is why we feel an obligation to make this product available to other Australian beekeepers. 

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