Manage varroa from the bottom of your hive to the top

A ventilated bottom board can help to manage varroa in your hives. Mesh bases reduce the number of mites in your hive, and they make mite surveillance a lot easier, too. 

An integrated pest management strategy

This mesh bottom base allows you to carry out crucial varroa surveillance without opening the hive. The slide-out plastic tray catches dead mites so you can monitor mite levels. This base can also be used with our varroa mite counting boards.

Mesh bases also help reduce the number of mites in the hive. Around 20% of mites drop off newly hatched bees after they emerge. The mesh allows these mites to drop out of the hive.

The great thing about our mesh bottom base is that the mesh covers the whole brood chamber. You won't miss a mite. 

The mesh bottom board is also one of the best things you can do to manage hive beetle; if you use this base in combination with a beetle trap you will be trapping both the beetles at the top of the hive and the ones that are defeated by the mesh. 

Quality you can rely on

At Hornsby Beekeeping we have experimented and improved upon this design over a number of years. The mesh has a wide border at the entrance to conserve pollen. The custom-made plastic tray is deep enough to hold a generous amount of oil without overflowing.

This is one of our most popular hive components, and a favourite with HBS staff. Some of us have been running them for years. 

  • Timber wax-dipped for durability

  • The mesh provides ventilation for the hive in wet conditions

  • Beetle and mites fall through mesh but bees can walk over it no problem

  • Mesh and tray can be removed for cleaning, if needed

  • Sturdy plastic tray can be filled with oil or diatomaceous earth. 

The rear part of the riser on this base is attached with two 35mm staples (not screws), to make room for the tray. Please make sure not to pick the base up by the rear riser, as the staples may come loose. 

good quality

By: on 20 October 2021
Good service

Good quality, works well

By: on 15 September 2021
Really helps keep the pests down and a stable base for the hives. Not sure if a painted version might be even better, but absolutely nothing to complain about.

Ventilated 8 frame base

By: on 8 September 2021
The best designed ventilated base I have been able to find. I now have three. Especially the stainless steel mesh that has a flat entry area for the bees before the mesh. I opened the hive for the first time after winter and zero beetles or any other pest. The plastic tray enables a small amount of oil to trap any beetles that happen to enter the hive, and that was very effective last season (my first season with these bases).Very fast delivery through online order.A very happy customer,

Great service

By: on 14 June 2021
Thank you so much to all the crew at Hornsby Beekeeping! The service is very good, delivery fast and prices affordable!

8 frame mesh base

By: on 17 September 2018
Excellent product and swift delivery thank you

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