Bee Hive-Ready NZ Pinewood Frames


We're proud to present you our bee hive-ready frames and is by far one of our best seller - and for good reasons.


Using the Highest Grade New Zealand Sourced Pine Wood


Why NZ Pine Wood?

NZ Radiata Pinewood is highly regarded as the best material for frames because it is light and most suited to the unique Australian climate.


In comparison pinewood sourced from other countries tend to deform and split under our conditions.


Sustainably sourced. Plantation grown.


Made in Australia

Our beeswax foundations are locally made using 100% from local trusted source of unadulterated [pure] beeswax foundation produced right here in our warehouse using the best equipment.


We've taken the hassle and stress away with the assembly process; gluing; nailing; wiring and embedding the frame together.


Every detail is factored in because we don't want our frames to fall apart when it counts most - out on the fields in the heat of chaos.


Well worth it if you've ever self-assembled before!


Commercial Grade

There's a reason why commerical beekeepers love our products and that is because quality speaks value in the long run and out in the apairy.


As beekeepers we implore you to try the lower grade frames and to experience why beekeepers of all levels love coming back for our frames and foundation.


Product Details

Dimensions (fully assembled): Individual Carton


Product Weight: 


For Use: Full Depth Langstroth Supers / WSP Supers / Ideal Supers / Flow Hive Brood / Bee Trays


Timber: New Zealand Radiata Pine Plantation 



Although we take the utmost care when packaging our waxed frames, bees wax will become brittle in cold weather.

If the weather is below around 16°C where you live, there will be a possibility wax in the frames may crack in transit.

If this is a concern to you, please consider buying frames and foundation seperately. 

Foundation frames

By: on 31 March 2022



By: on 13 October 2021
Great well made

Frame assembled, wired & Waxed.

By: on 3 September 2021
Excellent product which arrived well packaged and on time.

Excellent Quality

By: on 20 August 2021
Highly recommend these frames, they are excellent quality for the money and were delivered quickly.

Great product and service

By: on 5 January 2021
Product assembled perfectly, really happy with the quality of the frame and the wax. Delivered interstate within 3 business days of order, between Xmas and New Year.

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