Sherriff Bee suits and protective clothing

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The STAR of all Beesuits… Sherriff Bee suits and protective clothing Quality Beekeeping Supplies and innovative beekeeping ideas

Sherriff Bee suits and protective clothing

Sherriff is the Original selling brand of fine quality beekeepers clothing incorporating our own design self-supporting bee hood. Our bee clothing evolved whilst working 400 hives on our South Cornwall Honey Farm in the 1960′s.

First of its kind… Our distinctive and innovative design of clothing has revolutionised the world of beekeeping

Each quality made item of beekeeping clothing incorporates our 1968 design throw-back hood with unique twin-zip system enabling the beekeeper to pull back hood to rest on shoulders when not in use. The sole manufacturer to produce the ClearView mesh beekeeper’s veil. Light and airy and extremely comfortable to wear having hundreds of tine holes woven in to keep you cool it offers the best in all round vision. Believing that beekeeping protective clothing should be smart and hygienic and with this principle in mind our bee hood is detachable for easy laundering and attaches to an All-in-One Apiarist beekeeper’s suit, beekeeping jacket, bee smock and Junior bee suit. Bee vest/child’s bee suit do not have detachable bee veils. Sherriff’s are the creators of a range of tried and tested fabric colours for use with bees and other flying insects.

The STAR of all Beesuits…

Our Long-Life range of beekeeping apparel with integral hood was developed with your protection and comfort in mind. Sherriff’s quality and design is legendary. Using only finest fabrics, trustworthy components and extra strength stitching each garment is constructed to ensure optimum safety and security, performance, style and longevity. Sherriff garments undergo stringent testing in apiaries worldwide before being launched on the market. Whether a novice beekeeper more experienced or running 20,000 hives there’s a garment to suit you.                 ” The only bee suits worth having”

Twin with finest quality bee gloves, gauntlets, beekeeping trousers, wellington boots, ankle protectors.

All our beekeeper clothing is responsibly designed, manufactured solely by family owned B J Sherriff in England using ethically sourced materials and components.

Quality Beekeeping Supplies and innovative beekeeping ideas

Tried and true smaller items of bee equipment – hive tools, bee brushes, uncapping knives, and forks, wax pans, sturdy bee smokers, transit nets, queen cages, Beekeeper Starter Kit. Informative beekeeping books, honey bee/bumble bee leaflets, pollen charts. Extensive range of bee gifts including honey soaps, paraben-free honey cosmetics, honey pots, bee design china, bee toys, fine bee jewellery, gift tokens for that special birthday, Anniversary or just when you want to give the bee lover in your life a small token.

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