What is an escape board?

An escape board, also known as a clearer board, helps remove bees from the super before you extract the honey. When the escape board is placed below a honey super, the bees are able to go down but can't get back up. When you take the super off to extract the honey, your life will be a lot easier because there will be around 80% less bees in the box. 

This assembled escape board has been wax-dipped for durability. Box not included. 

How do I use an escape board?

Place the escape board with the escapes facing up, as shown in the picture, below the super you wish to take off. You can also use a clearer board/escape board to help clear bees out of lid comb/lid honey. Take the escape and box off after about 24 hours (48 hours if the weather is colder). If you leave the escape on for much longer, the bees will figure out how to get back up. They are clever girls!

Nicely made product,definately will buy again.

By: on 24 October 2020
Well made...will definately buy morw when needed.

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