What is a honey press?

A honey press or comb crusher allows you to easily extract honey from raw honeycomb by crushing it. Our customers love this honey press for its reasonable price and small size. It's great for extracting honey from warre frames and it can also be used as a fruit press.

Why crush out your honey?

More and more beekeepers are discovering the joy of crushed honey. Crushed-and-strained honey has a more complex taste compared to honey that has been spun out with an extractor.

This moderately-priced comb crusher is also useful if you want an easy way to recover honey from uncappings, or if your girls have moved into the lid. It's very easy to move around, as well.

  • Stainless steel
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Increase your honey yield dramatically by effortlessly processing your uncappings, burr comb etc
  • A very useful product for warre beekeepers 
  • Also useful for flow hive owners who wish to extract honey from their langstroth frames


We strongly recommend that you clean this wax crusher with a detergent solution before first use. This will get rid of oil and welding residues. To clean this product after pressing honey:

  • unwind press and release steel cage containing wax
  • place cage with wax in suitable bucket
  • pour boiling water carefully over cage to soften wax
  • scrape the softened wax off the cage
  • add cold water to remaining wax. Rinse and drain for later processing.
  • dry and reassemble the press for next use. 


Warre extractor comb crusher

By: on 29 September 2020
Very good quality, Haven't used it yet, but will this week.Delivery excellentCheers

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