A mesh bottom base allows you to carry out crucial varroa surveillance without opening the hive. All you need is a piece of corflute or cardboard and some Vaseline. Please click this link for detailed instructions.

The mesh bottom board is one of the best things you can do to manage hive beetle; if you combine this base with a beetle trap at the top of the hive you will be trapping both the beetles at the bottom of the hive and the ones that the bees drive up.

This langstroth version of this base is one of our most popular hive components, and a favourite with HBS staff. 

  • Timber wax-dipped for durability.

  • The mesh provides ventilation for the hive.

  • Mesh and tray can be removed for cleaning, if needed.

  • Plastic tray can be filled with oil or diatomaceous earth, or taken out to give the hive a bit more ventilation.


WARRE Mesh bottom board

By: on 20 September 2018
The construction & materials are excellent!!! I have purchased extras to replace the bottom boards on my other hives..

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