What is European foulbrood?

EFB is a brood disease caused by a bacterium. EFB weakens the hive over time and may lead to the death of the colony. 
A hive which is infected with EFB will have a 'patchy' appearance to the brood, with 'slimy' dead larva visible in the cells.


Why is it important to test for EFB?

If you are not sure whether your hive has AFB or EFB, it is important that you test it. EFB is a reportable disease, which means that you must notify the DPI if your hive has it. 


Testing your hive for EFB is easy

These EFB diagnostic kits work very similarly to a RAT test. You simply need to scoop out a 'dodgy' cell with the spatula, place it into the test bottle, and give it a shake. You can then use the enclosed pipette to drop the liquid onto the test cassette. One line means the test is working and two means the test is positive.

The NSW DPI recommends that beekeepers thoroughly check comb for signs of European foulbrood during spring and summer and carry out an EFB test if there are signs that the hive is infected. Please see Bee Aware for more info about EFB.

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