We have just recieved a shipment of varroa mite sticky board kits from America. Mite drop is a commonly used method of varroa mite surveillance. The sticky mat test is a less-invasive way of testing for varroa in the hive. It's an excellent way of checking for varroa in between alcohol washes. Suitable for 10-frame hives, this mat can easily be trimmed down to suit an 8-frame hive. It works with both traditional bases and ventilated bottom boards.

Made by Dadant & Sons, family owned since 1863. 

How does it work?

The mat is printed with a grid and coated with a special adhesive. If you are using a ventilated bottom board, you can simply place the mat in the tray without even opening the hive. If your hive has a traditional base, you can place the sticky mat at the bottom of the hive and place the mesh screen over the top. The screen stops the bees' legs from catching on the sticky paper and also prevents the bees from clearing away any mites that might stick there. 

To use the sticky mat to check your hive for varroa, simply peel the cover paper from the adhesive board, place the mesh screen over the adhesive board (if needed), and place the sticky mat at the bottom of the hive. There is a place where you can write the date and details of the hive. 


Dimension of Sticky Mat: 333x445
Dimension of Mesh: 300x425


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