This smoker, made by Quarti Italy, is a favourite among the staff at HBS. The stiff silicon rubber bellows springs back easily, so you will avoid hand fatigue during long beekeeping sessions. The sides of the bellows are made of nylon reinforced with fibreglass. Both the bellows and the rubber are replaceable--you can even replace the rubber while the smoker is burning. This well-designed smoker is an absolute pleasure to use, and it looks good, too. 

Pictured is a member of our team and his Quarti smoker which has put in a good ten years of reliable service. And yes--it still works!

Excellent value for money. The extra 30-odd dollars gives you a product which is miles ahead of cheaper smokers in terms of quality and durability.

Barrel 100mm in diameter and 19cm high. The barrel of the jumbo is 25cm high.

Quarti Smoker

By: on 25 February 2019
Great Service and Great Product

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