Apithor is one of our most popular beetle traps. Developed in cooperation with the NSW DPI, it is a simple way to keep your hives alive. The design of the trap exploits beetle behaviour by creating a small space which is to their liking but which is too small for the bees to get in. Once the bees have forced the beetle to the top of the hive, they enter the trap. The corrugated board inside the Apithor is impregnated with fipronil insecticide, which kills the beetle. We recommend that you place this trap on the frames in the top box. It lasts for three months.

When you open your hives to inspect them, we recommend that you check whether the bees have clogged up the opening of the Apithor with propolis, and clean it out with your tool if they have. You can use this product with a traditional base by placing it straight on the bottom board. However, if you are using a mesh bottom base, it must be placed at the top of the hive.



By: on 28 November 2020
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