Managing small hive beetle

This little beetle can be a big problem in temperate coastal parts. In warm, wet weather, a bad infestation can overwhelm even a healthy hive. During peak beetle season, you may find that beetle traps containing oil or diatomaceous earth are not enough to control the infestation. You'll never get rid of beetle 100%, but it can be managed. 


The simple way to keep your hives alive

Apithor beetle traps are, hands down, one of our most popular beetle products. This is because they are safe, convenient, and they just work.  A clever, convenient product, it is a single-use trap which allows you to bait small hive beetle without messing around with chemicals. 

The rigid, tamper-proof plastic casing contains cardboard impregnated with insecticide. The bait is set back from the opening so the bees cannot reach it. Bees instinctively chase the beetles. It is their instinct to hide in small, dark places. The beetles enter the trap to hide... where they meet a certain death.


How long do Apithor traps last?

Apithor lasts for three months in the hive but your girls may propolise the opening before then. It's a good idea to check for this when you open the hive, and, if needed, clean out the opening with a hive tool. 


Please note that the manufacturer recommends that this product not be used in hives with ventilated bottom boards, or in hives which may be flooded with water. 


By: on 28 November 2020
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