The easiest way to manage beetle in the hive

This is one of our most popular beetle traps. That's because they're both cheap and convenient. Simply fill the trap with oil (the trap will hold approximately 25mL) or diatomaceous earth and drop it in between the frames. 


No mess, no fuss

These beetle traps are deeper than other traps with a thin profile that makes it easy to slot them in between the frames. The transparent plastic makes it easy to see if they're full, and when the're full you can simply chuck the trap away and put a new one in. 


How many beetle traps should I use?

Bees chase the beetle up and out. Most beekeepers place a single trap in a frame at the edge of the top box, but you may want to use two traps at times of heavy infestation.

We recommend combining beetle traps with a mesh bottom base. This is the best way to manage beetle across the whole of the hive. 



By: on 12 December 2021
Cheap and nasty SHB traps. However, they are cheaper here than you can find them on eBay, so that’s something. A pain to fill if you’re using DE, but they work and it’s nice to be able to see the contents of the traps.

Beetle trap

By: on 23 October 2021
Very good, I reuse them a couple of times over.

Would recommend

By: on 24 October 2020
Good quality for a disposable product...would buy again .

Plastic beetle traps

By: on 2 October 2019
Great product

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