A simple small hive beetle solution

The Apis trap is an old favourite at Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies. Approximately 12cm by 12cm, the trap has 2mm slots on all four sides so that the beetle can enter. The trap itself is made from tough plastic and can be cleaned and reused. 


Use with chemicals or without

The Apis trap is designed to be used with TopBait Plus. Simply place a small amount of the gel (around the size of a 20c piece) into the square well at the centre of the trap. The trap is designed to prevent the gel from leaching into the hive. 

If you do not wish to place TopBait in your hive, then you can also use this trap with the sticky boards alone. The sticky boards have a specially-designed adhesive that withstands the moisture inside the hive. Once the board is covered in dead beetles and other debris you can peel it off and replace it. 


By: on 13 December 2018
the so called sticky did not happen after peeling of backing all that was left was cardboard

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