A serious solution for small hive beetle

A bad beetle infestation can quickly overwhelm a healthy hive, especially in wet, warm weather. A heavy infestation can lead to 'slimeout', and the colony may abscond or die. 

If you have bad beetle and oil traps just aren't cutting it, then it's time to bring in the big guns. TopBait Plus is a specially formulated beetle bait designed to be used with Apis Traps. It is a viscous, easy-to-handle gel which attracts beetles and kills them. The gel keeps the bait in place even in the humid conditions inside the hive. Made in Australia for Australian beekeepers. 



How to use TopBait Plus

TopBait is designed to be used with Apis Traps, which minimise the chance that the gel will leach into the hive. The manufacturer recommends that you clean the traps and refill them every month during the season. Place 1 gram (roughly the size of a 20c piece) into the well at the centre of the trap. 

TopBait Plus contains 0.5g/kg fipronil as the active ingredient. 


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